5 Cool Meeting Spaces For A Productive Session

Many months ago, we established that the Millennials of Generation Y absolutely hate meetings, yet offline meetings are still infinitely important in a day and age where we digitize everything.

To be sure, nobody really wakes up in the morning with a cone hat on his head, blowing a party horn and yelling, “There’s a meeting today!” While we don’t have the elixir for your blues, we do have one way to make your meetings interesting – a truly awesome meeting room.

What’s this cube farm and boardroom thing you’ve been going on and on about? We don’t want to hear any of it. Here are 5 venues with cool meeting spaces to check out.


1. The Co.

Right smack in the CBD is a quirky 8-storey building that is hard to miss, especially with the luminous lights snaking its way up the full-length windows. Cut it out with the ultramodern design already, you’re making the plain offices in the vicinity look bad!

The Co.’s interior does not disappoint either. With its well-lit interior featuring wide walkways, spacious areas and a monochrome color scheme, it is undoubtedly an award-winner in all respects. Look, there’s even a spiral staircase!




2. Changi Cove

There is a reason why Changi Cove made it into our list of  9 Corporate Retreat Venues You Forgot About  – it’s different in a great way. Its ballroom-convertible auditorium, 8 configurable meeting rooms and an incubator space are all tastefully furnished with a variety of seating options from benches to beanbags (oh please, swivel armchairs are so yesterday).

Brainstorming session? These writable walls will replace your furious typewriting with sounds of markers and chalks against the white/blackboard like old school days. Ah, what pleasant (or unpleasant?) nostalgia that would be!



3. The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol offers workspaces full of energy that foster collaboration so that people can do their best work. Spanning three light-filled, historic shophouses on Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol on Keong Saik is home to a vibrant community of startups, SMEs and multinationals. To cater to the diverse needs of its members, The Working Capitol offers flexible workspace options ranging from hotdesking to private offices. The spacious 33,000-square-foot interior includes multiple meeting rooms, an event space for up to 200 people, a terrace bar for after-work socialising, and three attached restaurants, ready to host client luncheons and team happy hours.


4. JustOffice @ Church Street

JustOffice is situated at the Samsung Hub at Raffles Place. The building is a 30-floor Grade A establishment located in the heart of the Central Business District. This building is home to multi-national banks, together with an array of electronic and legal firms. The Business Centre comes fully equipped with avant-garde serviced offices, an elaborate telecommunications and Internet facility, and a high standard of services supported by the professional local team. Not to mention a wide range of local and international banks, health and fitness clubs, great bars, cafes and eateries is highly reachable- JustOffice offers the perfect combination of prestige and convenience.


5. Work Central

Work Central is located at 190 Clemenceau Ave – the heart of Orchard Road and gateway to the vibrant city life. The co-working space provides professional and conducive work spaces that support a collaborative environment for small businesses to operate in a central location.


Cool meeting spaces for the new generation

Whether is it a serviced office, co-working space, training room or seminar room you are looking for to hold your meeting, be sure to explore these options! Especially for the Gen-Ys (yes, you), to whom ‘meeting’ and ‘fun’ should never be mentioned in the same breath – these spaces will definitely change your “meeting mode” forever.

Yes, it’s kind of a thing now.


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