We Are Spaces Relaunched!

6.9 million – a figure that sparked off a flurry of negative sentiments in the online space of our beloved hometown, Singapore. Yet, 6.9 million also brought comfort to our team. This big population target reaffirmed our vision of the increasing need to share a city’s limited real estate amongst her citizens. Born and bred in Singapore, we are well aware of this need even just by strolling around the city, visiting offices and activities during peak periods.

Yet, as we walked the streets, both in the faraway industrial lands and the Central Business District, we saw pockets of – and many of these – underutilised spaces. The technology fangirl/boy in us couldn’t help but jump out. This problem is simply screaming out for the Web/Mobile to help solve this.


Over the past months, we have been tirelessly combing the streets for both meeting and event spaces; whilst developing our new platform. Moving forward with the new relaunch, we will remain obsessively focused on the user experience of our service for users and venue partners. We will work hard to unlock more underutilised spaces, and to increase utilisation of existing built landscape; we will stay focused on realising the potential of how technology can help solve the inefficiencies in our offline world (oops, tech fangirl talk again).

To all our family, friends and informal mentors who have supported us the past months, we would like to give a huge thank you shout-out. With this relaunch, our team aims to serve our current and prospective users/venues even better. Hope to share more with you again during our next post on our new platform!


Next Step: Find awesome event venues and spaces to rent in Singapore 

We are Spaces is a venue discovery platform for event planners. Browse from over 300 curated venues available for rent, filter spaces based on your specific requirements, and get quotes from multiple venues all from a single enquiry. Visit We Are Spaces to find your perfect venue today!


Founded in early 2013, We Are Spaces is Singapore's leading online platform for meeting & event venues. Be it a corporate function or personal party, browse through over 600 venues - curated by fellow Singaporeans!

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