5 Unique Places To Say “I Do”


We all know what makes up a typical wedding experience in Singapore. In fact, it is almost predictable. Solemnization in an air-conditioned space bound by 4 walls, filled with orange lighting and dressed with flowers. Wedding dinner at a hotel where guests view a wedding montage for the 36271523th time well enough to know the video is going to show at least 10 childhood photographs.

BUT! Some people choose to do it differently. Here are some unique places around the world to say “I Do”:

1. On A Hot Air Balloon

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Michael and Mackenzie Chavez, newly weds

Image Credit: http://plus.google.com, http://www.glamour.com

A house held up by hundreds of balloons may be the stuff of every child’s dream (thanks to pixar). But to wed the love of your life on a hot air balloon amidst many others is a whole new level! The International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a carnival of joy, activity, festivity and now.. romance! With each basket holding up to 12 passengers, this concept is perfect for a small and intimate solemnization event that will be hard to top.

2. On A Volcano

Wedding atop a volcano

Arenal Volcano Inn

Arenal Volcano Inn

Image Credit: http://www.glamour.com, http://www.arenalvolcanoinn.com

Whether is it the lakeside, garden, or by the beach, most of us are familiar with outdoor party and gathering concepts. But to have a wedding on a volcano? That totally holds up! Sure, Costa Rica is widely known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But it seems that the Arenal Volcano Inn is gaining quite a bit of popularity from couples looking to hold a wedding, offering their services to events of all scales. Set amidst lush greenery against the backdrop of the majestic volcano, this setting adds tasteful touches of adventure and nature to your event.

3. Atop The Glaciers

Aoraki Mount Cook

Matanuska Glacier

Alaska Glacier Wedding

Image Credit: www.nzine.co.nz, www.melissalaggis.com, http://robotbanjo.blogspot.sg

Besides celebrating burning passion on a fiery mountain, others would do just the opposite. Imagine taking a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier in Alaska with your other half. We quote Julie from Shore Trips: “Getting married on a glacier reflects some of the symbolism of marriage itself — two people joining their lives together, yet maintaining their individuality — standing together in a spectaclar setting and committing to go forward hand in hand.” Sure, some have been dreaming of a white Christmas, but others, a (completely) white wedding!

4. At a Roman Bath

Luncheon Wedding

Vintage Wedding at the Roman Bath

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Wedding Photography at Roman Pump Bath

Image credit: snippetandink.com, www.jessicacharleston.co.uk, http://www.allisterfreeman.co.uk

Roman baths are one of its most stunning and signature places wedding venues. Where exquisite architecture meets historical interest, this culturally-rich space is a place of ethereal beauty. Furthermore, you can’t go wrong with water features for they add calmness and tranquility to a romantic setting. Forgetting the posh city hotels with modern and futuristic interiors, holding a wedding at a roman bath is certainly a breath of fresh air.

5. In A Castle

Fonthill Castle Wedding

Ancient Tuscan Castle

Waterford Castle, Ireland

Image Credit: http://www.jennchildress.com, http://www.charmingweddingsinitaly.com, http://waterlilyweddings.com

Fairytales have disney-fied every girl’s dream about a perfect wedding. And while they envy the Disney princesses from Cinderella to Belle, they would be delighted to know that castle weddings can happen somewhere outside their fantasies!  It seems that in the States and the UK, wedding packages are put together to play at this very appeal of a castle wedding. Not only does the setting of a palace make every girl feel like a princess, the landmark’s heritage and culture also enhances the overall ambience and atmosphere of a castle wedding. Here are some of our favorites from the United Kingdom if you would like to browse in advance (y’know, just in case Prince Charming comes along on a white horse tomorrow).

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