5 Tips For Your Product Launch Event

A new product can always be launched through advertising channels like the magazine, the newspaper, a commercials, an advertorial on a websites etc. But nothing really comes close to staging an entire event around it, does it? In fact, it’s very much like throwing a huge party for the main lead that is the product.

A product launch event is a premise where the various Ps of marketing (namely product, promotion, and place) come out to play and create an experience so unique and memorable that it’s almost impossible to be forgotten. Now that’s hitting the nail on the head – getting people to remember and talk about you. Once you’ve got that, you can pretty much declare your event a success!

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Selecting a date, venue, time, and creating a guest list are but some of the most fundamental steps of creating a product launch event. Well, while planning the event isn’t rocket science, it most definitely isn’t that simple because those things are merely the tip of the iceberg! So if you think that’s all you need to do, danger alert! You’re on your way to a mediocre event! But fret not, we’d like to help you make a U-turn just in time with these tips!

1. Make a big deal about it!

The first step to making people talk about your product is to get the ball rolling first! Some weeks prior to your launch makes a great time to get started. For the element of surprise, keep the suspense in the air by revealing just enough information to tease, but not nearly enough to give away the whole show! Designing your campaigns tastefully in such a fashion is truly an art. Whether is it through your mailing list, blog posts or Facebook updates, be sure to reveal “leaks” here and there to sow seeds of anticipation. “Coming soon”, “Sneak Preview”, and “Guess What’s Up” are all leaks that can potentially build interest and capture the attention of your audience. Who knows, your upcoming launch may even be written about by other reporters!

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Take for example, FlyScoot never fails to get the excitement going when they are about to launch a new destination. Recently, they came up with a series of riddles put up on Facebook to encourage participation. At the same time, we all can’t help but think…exactly where are they flying to?! 

Basically, the bottom line is that if you make a big deal about your product launch, chances are your target audience is more likely to follow suit. Also remember, secrecy always drives people crazy.

 2. Theme

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As with most events, a theme is what gives it character and personality. Not to mention, centering your event marketing efforts around the theme can help to intrigue your audience and arouse their interest by the use of taglines or even slogans. Take for example, the product you’re about to launch is the latest GPS innovation. Knowing that your target audience is going to be drivers from all walks of lives, a tagline that says “The Ultimate Navigational Solution On The Road” will surely attract their attention.

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As much as possible, your theme should be incorporated into as many touch points as possible in the product launch event – furnishing, décor, or take-home collaterals. You may even want to go as far to express these themes in the form of employees attire or F&B catering.  A clear and unambiguous theme not only sets the tone for your event, it makes it memorable by being different from the rest!

3. Engagement 

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The contrast between a great event and a good one, is how much you stretch your resources to create an enjoyable experience for your guests and keep them happy. It is easy to create an event  based on the purpose of informing – a one sided spoonfeeding of details and specifications, and then keeping your fingers crossed that your prospective client or consumer had absorbed 80% of it.

In this fast-paced marketing scene, everyone is experiencing an information overload. It would not work anymore, for businesses to shove information in our faces saying “Here, take it and digest.” The customer’s attention is an increasingly pricey commodity, and some businesses with this understanding are beginning to grasp it – engagement of the target audience.

By incorporating contest, hands-on trials and activities in your product launch event, you are essentially building two-way communication between merchant and customer. Encouraging participation from your guests during your entertainment programs will help integrate and involve them.

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Kim Crawford, a NZ Wine company, did just this in their event “Undo Ordinary 2012”. 250 guests arrived at what they had thought was no more than an evening of art, wine, and music. Much to their surprise, it turned out they had a shot at modeling for Kim Crawford’s campaign by famed photographer Miles Aldridge.

Clearly, challenging the routine of product launch events are brilliant ways to engage your guests and score publicity points too!

4. Follow-up

In building momentum for a new product in the market, we can’t stress enough on the importance of following up.  Previously we had established that in this competitive market, consumers are loaded with information. Well, unfortunately for you, this also means that they are at the liberty to remember selectively! However, consistent communication of your brand and product will certainly leave an impression.

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For one, giving your potential customers something to keep from the event is a powerful first step. All of us have that moment of boredom at home, perhaps during a commercial break, when we pick up the collateral on the coffee table to simply browse. By issuing your guests leaflets and brochures, your product stands a chance of delivering a second round of reminder. Of course, if you have a bigger budget, giving out items less likely to be discarded (e.g. samples, mousepads, pens) will be a brighter idea.

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Keep in mind that your event is just the beginning of a product launch, and remember to strike while the iron is hot by contacting the people who had showed interest in your product before the hype fades off and die. The key is not giving them even the slightest chance to forget about you!

5. Location

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Scouting for a venue for your product launch event can be a very tedious and time consuming process of gathering information about space constraints, standing/seated capacities, vibes/concept of the place, the amenities available and the accessibility of it. But if it is an online solution you need to your venue-hunting woes, we are more than happy to help. With hundreds of venues for all sorts of events, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something suitable just a click away.

Looking for a venue to host your product launch? Let this article be a reminder and checklist of all the considerations you should have prior to selecting the right place.

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