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Singapore is one of Asia’s finest cities. Most major cities in the world has their own icon – a visual identity unique to that country. New York City with the majestic Empire State Building, London with the Big Ben, San Francisco with its Golden Gate Bridge, and so on. Our country had used to be closely associated with the silhouette of a Merlion, proudly illustrated and splashed across tourist souvenirs of all sorts from keychains to somewhat tacky t-shirts.

But in recent years of architectural development, it seems that we’re increasingly becoming known for something else.

Our city skyline.

Almost all search results on Google Images yielded from the search term “Singapore” are one and the same. The distinctive Marina Bay Sands on the left, the tastefully designed Art Science museum at the front of it, a series of financial buildings of varying heights, the magnificent Singapore Flyer attraction and the beautiful Esplanade.

With all these buildings littered around the bayfront waters, this part of Singapore has some of the most spectacular views, making the F&B establishments in the vicinity popular picks for events. After looking high and low, from ground level to as high up as 282 metres above sea level, we have compiled a list of great venues for you to a hold a party with a view.

1) Ku De Ta

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Located on the Skypark of Marina Bay Sands, Ku De Ta is proclaimed to be one of Southeast Asia’s finest entertainment destination. Aside from its elegant cutting-edge design and its stunning rooftop setting, it is widely known for the picturesque views of the cityscape from 57 stories above ground level.

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In the day, the restaurant makes a pretty place for your business lunches or teatime with the girlfriends. Guests can expect modern Asian dishes prepared by award winning chefs, and they can have a choice of sampling the complementary premium grade wines along with their selections.

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At night, the club lounge is all about ambience. The state of the art lighting and sound system is accompanied with quality music by famous DJs, making it a true lifestyle sanctuary to unwind and relax with a bird’s eye view of the city skyline.

While it is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or an intimate and cosy family gathering, the upscale venue makes an even lovelier venue for holding events like parties, corporate functions. It has a capacity of 230 seated, 230 standing guests and provides amenities like outdoor AV equipment should you require them for entertainment or hosting purposes.

2) Boathouse – Prelude Rooftop Bar

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Overlooking the Marina Bay, Boathouse – Prelude is a rooftop bar on the waterhouse rooftop offering 360-degree views of the surroundings. If you fancy a place away from the crowded streets and packed eateries below, then this would be it.

The roof deck becomes even more beautiful at nightfall, with its obstructed views of the city and the occasional light shows and fireworks display. It’s a favorite hangout among the corporates who’re looking for a place to chill out and have a drink after a tiresome day at work.

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While the unassuming rooftop bar looks like any other roof deck in the city, the true personality of the place actually lies in the interior of Boathouse. The indoor dining hall’s concept is easily identifiable, as the first step into the area would make you feel as if you’re visiting the home of a very sophisticated and stylish neighbor. Antique pieces like historical photographs and rustic furnishings adorn the place filled with warm lighting. With ivory and wooden touches against a spacious and minimalist premise, the vintage demeanor of the place is indeed in alignment with the heritage of the Fullerton building.

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Whether is it the indoor dining hall or the sparkling roof deck, Boathouse – Prelude is a lovely place of rustic charm in a building of timeless heritage, standing out in contrast with the ever evolving city scape. Its capacity is 80 seated, 100 standing guests and is a quaint venue for weddings, functions, product launches or parties alike.

3) Orgo Bar & Restaurant

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Orgo is short-form for Organic Chemistry, and as the name of the place suggests, the menu of the restaurant has a fair bit of food and beverage prepared with organic produce. It’ll be interesting to note that the food and beverage team is headed by an Italian-trained Japanese mixologist Tomoyuki Kitazoe, who has adhered to the organic theme in the creation of beverage concoctions.

Take for example, the signature Singapore Sling is modified at Orgo is made of only fresh ingredients. Well, except for the base gin in the concotion that is.

But being organic is not all that’s special about Orgo. It is the brand’s pursuit of giving guests novel experiences on each visit, with its creative use of space and furniture.

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The layout of the bar was conceptualized to be a mobile place, where the bar can move about flexibly and swiftly to create an evolving space so that Orgo would always be different and refreshing. This concept is conceived and reflected in the interchangeable shape-shifting structures on the rooftop.

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The application of glass enclosures on a rooftop space, or rather, the idea of taking the outdoors indoors, is something that makes Orgo one of the most unique bars in Singapore. All in all, Orgo is a special bar without walls. But boasting of a lovely backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands Building, the Singapore Flyer, and some of Singapore’s top notch 5-star hotels, who needs walls?

At a capacity of 44 seated, 250 standing guests, Orgo is a stunning venue on the Esplanade’s spacious roof terrace that’s definitely nothing like your usual rooftop bar. If you’re holding your event or party here, we’ll certainly expect the place to be a real crowd-pleaser for your guests for it truly is something out of the norm!

4) Lantern Rooftop Bar

Possibly one of the coolest places in the city that not many of us know of, the Lantern Rooftop Bar is located on the rooftop of the Fullerton Bay hotel, right beside the 25 metre pool set in a tropical setting. boasting of enthralling panoramic views of the city skyline.

The bar area is covered with a canvas tentage and cooled with overhead ceiling fans, luxuriously laid out and featuring a circular bar in a lantern structure. The Lantern Bar rooftop bar has a capacity of 200 seated, 200 standing guests. The large variety of seating also makes this place highly event-friendly, as guests can choose to sit on the lounge chairs or have intimate conversations at the private areas cornered off at either side of the pool.

Latin music is played by a live cuban band every night, setting the ambience right with their tunes to be enjoyed alongside the Latin American/Carribean styled cocktails and a brilliant selection of alcohol, tapas, grills, or sandwiches.

With such a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere, sipping champagne on the cosy rattan benches would surely make one feel at home away from home. Of course, with the addition of being repeatedly captivated by the enthralling beauty of the surrounding skyscrapers.

5) 1-Altitude

But of course, when it comes to party with a view, how can anyone forget 1-Altitude? At 282 metres above sea level, 1-Altitude has a reputation and image to uphold. Not only is it Singapore’s highest alfresco bar, it is also touted as the world’s highest!

Described by the place as a Morocco-meets-Manhattan experience, 1-Altitude has a triangular rooftop compound that offers 360-degree unparalleled views of the skyline, giving guest something to be captivated by in every direction of the platform. Trees and bushes are planted on the rooftop, giving the place some touches of nature amidst the sleek glass and wooden textures. Unsurprisingly, this is also a favorite spot in August to catch the fireworks display on National Day, as well as a hot venue to have the F1 Circuit before one’s eyes in September.

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Completely uncovered and unsheltered, one can really feel like he’s at the top of the world here, especially with a drink or two. The place offers a variety of cocktails and serves an extensive menu of foods both savory and sweet for guests to indulge in while taking in the phenomenal views.

1-Altitude has a capacity of 250 seated, 750 standing guests. If you’re looking to give your guests an experience like no other, it is a brilliant idea indeed to hold your event at an alfresco bar slash most stunning observatory deck ever.


Hotels are great places to hold your party too – and some even promise spectacular views that rival these rooftop venues! Check out our carefully curated list of the top 5 hotels in Singapore to hold your party. You won’t be disappointed!


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