10 Useful Door Gift Ideas For Your Event

The trouble with gifting is that…there’re just too many concerns! Will the recipient like the gift? Or am I the only one who thinks this is cool? Will he/she ever find a use for it? What door gift ideas work?

When it comes to door gifts, the trouble just got bigger because instead of shopping for one person, you’re now selecting something that will be issued to every single person in the company! But fret not – we’re telling you that no, your door gift does not have to be boring and yes, it IS possible to work within your budget and find a gift that can please most, if not all of your guests.

What are we trying to avoid here? The top buzz-killer in the history of door gifts – predictability. Let’s see, towels, mugs, pens, bookmarks, calendar and even soft toys with the company logo. The last fate any door gift should suffer is the one being left on the dining table after the function. The second-last fate? Being covered in dust atop the shelf till its disposal during spring-cleaning. After all, what good is a gift if it does not generate buzz or excitement and put a smile on the recipient’s face?

In selecting a door gift, you can’t go wrong with sticking to the magic word – functionality. If your gift is something that makes your guest go “Ah, I’ll surely have a use for this”, chances are you’ve already won them over. So here we have it – We Are Spaces’ 10 useful door gift ideas for your event.

1. Thumb drive

Thumb drive door gift ideas Singapore

A thumb drive is a must-have at work, so on the practicality scale this gift idea would probably score 10 out of 10, especially if you’ve a big budget to spend on gifts. The memory stick need not have a capacity of more than 1GB for this gift idea to work, we’re sure nobody would say no to extra memory space.

2. Travel Adaptor

Travel adaptor door gift ideas Singapore

Usually one of the last things that are remembered to be packed into the luggage, a universal travel adaptor makes a well-thought door gift that your guests will be able to use on both leisure and business trips.

3. Business Card Case

Business Card Case door gift ideas SingaporeBusiness Card cases are one of the more underrated gift ideas. Really. Case in point: Have you ever been THAT situation where someone reaches into his pockets and open his wallet in front of you and still can’t find that one last (elusive) name card? Most of us have. So let’s save all our colleagues that embarrassment.

4. Wine Opener/ Bottle Stopper

Wine bottle opener door gift ideas SingaporeHousehold items make lovely presents that can be shared among your guests’ families. Some may argue that home ware as gifts may look cheap. Well, in that case we recommend a sleek wine opener or bottle stopper. Y’know, just for the remainder of that Chardonnay at home.

5. Luggage Tag

Luggage tags door gift ideas Singapore

Working with a tight budget does not mean you can’t get your guests door gifts that are equally delightful. We recommend a luggage tag because if it looks nice or have a unique design..it could very well be raved-about! Apart from that, it is also fuss free and certainly more usable than say…a pen.

6. Coasters

Coasters door gift ideas SingaporeThis is another door gift ideas you can get at a low cost that doesn’t make it any less functional. Why? Because it seems that even through countless droplets of condensation on the keyboard, people still do not realize what they really need on their desk– a coaster.

7. Candy

Candy door gift ideas Singapore

Inside every one of us lives an inner child, and what is that one thing no kid (and some adults, for that matter) can turn down? Candy. If the past years of D&D have seen the crossing out of every possible stationery idea on your list, a small glass jar of candy on each seat is surely something new that can do the trick!

8. Letter Opener

Letter opener door gift ideas Singapore
You’d be surprised that even up to now, some people still can’t get it right with opening envelopes cleanly. This is where a letter opener will come in handy. Even for majority of us who have mastered this art of opening letters, this gift idea is one of those amazing tools you never knew you wanted.

9. Money Clip / Handbag Hook

Money clip / handbag hook door gift ideas Singapore

If you’re going for a door gift that your guests can use on-the-go wherever they are, we’d suggest a money clip for the gentlemen’s wallets and a handbag hook for the ladies’ satchels. Besides, having a gift for each gender is a most thoughtful and personalized gesture that your guests will appreciate. Definitely one of the coolest and most useful door gift ideas.

10. Novelty Door Gift Ideas

Let’s say you’ve exhausted all your door gift ideas, have a big budget to splurge and yet can’t find anything that is out-of-the-world funky and creative for you, we strongly urge you to pick novelty gifts. The possibilities to this category are endless and they don’t have to cost a lot. Think cutesy key rings, cutlery sets, or even kitschy door signs. You may even want to issue these gifts at random so that your guests can perform their own barter trade. That’s bound to be loads of fun.

Here are some gentle reminders (and tips!) from us to you:

    1. Delivery: In ordering your door gifts, always consider the printing time and how long they will take them to arrive. Nothing is more dampening than a delayed delivery one day after the party is over!
    1. Recipient: Just as you need to know your best friend well enough to get him/her a present, keep the recipients of these gifts in mind. Given their profile, will your door gift be of good use to them?
    1. Contingency: When selecting your door gifts, always have back-up options so that if the former runs out of stock, you need not restart your entire hunt!
  1. Be creative: Like a mysterious parcel in a Christmas stocking, keeping what the door gift is from majority of your colleagues will build up excitement prior to the party! If you have considerable time and money to work with, you may even want to give your guests a choice between two options.

The whole point of door gifts ideas is that it’s supposed to be fun so do not be afraid to steer away from convention, mix things up a little and enjoy it!

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