11 Fun Ideas For Networking Events

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Networking events don’t have to be mundane and predictable. Injecting a touch of fun and excitement can transform an ordinary networking gathering into a memorable experience. Read on for some engaging ideas to energise your next networking event and create an atmosphere that encourages meaningful connections. Let’s explore these ideas and turn your event into a networking sensation!

  1. Interactive Ice-breaking Activities

    Break the ice and get attendees mingling with interactive activities that spark conversations and laughter. Incorporate engaging ice-breakers that encourage participants to share interesting facts, play group games, or collaborate on a fun challenge. These activities set a lively tone and facilitate connections from the get-go.


  2. Speed Networking

    Simply gathering many people in the same space may not guarantee a successful event, here’s how you can encourage your guests to rub shoulders. Provide structured time slots where participants can meet a variety of professionals in quick succession. This fast-paced approach allows for multiple interactions and fosters rapid connections. It’s also a fantastic way to maximise networking potential in a limited time frame!


  3. Unique Venue

    When it comes to hosting a great networking event, one of the key factors lies in choosing the perfect venue. You want a space that not only allows for safe mingling but also creates an environment where people can easily connect. Logistics play a significant role too – you don’t want your guests struggling to hear each other or getting lost in a crowded setting. For a touch of flair and creativity, consider options like rooftop venues, themed bars, trendy lofts, or hip coworking spaces. These choices add a dash of excitement to professional networking, making the event truly memorable. At We Are Spaces, we have over 500 spaces for you to choose from – there’s surely one that meets your needs and more! To start off, you can read this article for some event venue ideas, or a selection of outdoor venues we’ve curated.

    Here are some of our picks for great event networking venues: 

    Pacific Business Club 

    Networking Venues in Singapore_Pacific Business Club

    Address: Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, People’s Park, 138 Robinson Road. Singapore 068906
    Max Capacity: 35 guests
    Price Range (half-day): $1,001 to $1500
    Price Range (full-day): $2,001 to $3,000

    Interested in this venue? Click here to find out more and get a quote.


    Networking Venues in Singapore_Velixir

    Address: Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Punggol, 27 New Industrial Road, Novelty Techpoint, #02-06, Singapore 536212
    Max Capacity: 80 guests
    Price Range (half-day): $1,001 to $1,500
    Price Range (full-day): $2,001 to $3,000

    Interested in this venue? Click here to find out more and get a quote.

    City On a Hill

    Networking Venues in Singapore_City on a Hill
    Address: Upper Bukit Timah, Clementi Park, Ulu Pandan, 9 King Albert Park, KAP Mall, #B1-01, Singapore 598332
    Max Capacity: 80
    Price Range (Half-day): $501 to $1,000
    Price Range (Full day): $501 to $1,000

    Interested in this venue? Click here to find out more and get a quote.

  4. Food Stations

    Food is one of the best ways to spark off some bonding, so go on and enhance networking conversations by taking your guests on a culinary adventure! You can try setting up themed stations featuring diverse cuisines or interactive food experiences, such as DIY taco bars or build-your-own dessert stations. These stations provide natural gathering points, sparking organic conversations and creating a relaxed atmosphere for networking. Check out this article for catering tips.

  5. Live Entertainment

    Elevate the ambiance of your networking event by incorporating live entertainment. Whether it’s a talented musician, a captivating magician, or an engaging speaker, live entertainment adds a touch of excitement and provides common talking points for attendees. Choose entertainment that aligns with your event’s theme and creates a memorable experience.


  6. Photobooths

    With this, your guests will not only engage with each other; they’ll also have a souvenir to remember the event. Set up a dedicated area with props and backdrops that reflect your event’s branding or theme. Attendees can snap photos together, creating lasting memories and providing a fun ice-breaker for future conversations. You can also provide a booth for free corporate headshots to draw the crowds.


  7. Gamification

    Inject a dose of friendly competition into your networking event with gamification elements – this can be done through an event app. For instance, you can create challenges that encourage attendees to connect with new people and earn points or badges. Tip: Consider offering prizes for the highest scores or raffle entries for completing specific networking goals!


  8. Silent Disco

    This doesn’t just happen at music festivals – why not use it to give your networking events a refreshing twist? Unleash the power of music and dancing with a silent disco. Instead of traditional speakers, provide attendees with wireless headphones playing different music channels. This unique experience allows participants to choose their preferred music and dance together, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere for networking. Of course, this depends on the nature of your event – if it’s a serious corporate event, we didn’t tell you to do it.


  9. Craft Workshops

    A good stress relief activity and a fun networking event idea for small groups, such workshops provide hands-on activities where participants can learn a new skill or create something together. From painting sessions to DIY projects, these workshops provide a relaxed environment for attendees to connect while engaging in a shared experience.


  10. Wine Tasting

    Delight the senses and foster connections with a wine-tasting experience. You could perhaps partner with a sommelier or a local winery to guide participants through a selection of wines. Doing this sheds educational insights and encourages networking discussions as attendees savour different flavours and discuss their preferences. It’s a sophisticated yet approachable way to stimulate conversations!


  11. Lucky Draws

    Create an element of anticipation and excitement with lucky draws, where attendees get the  chance to win prizes such as gift cards, tech gadgets, or exclusive experiences. Or, you could incorporate the lucky draw as a networking activity, where participants exchange business cards or engage in conversations to earn entry tickets. This adds a playful twist to networking interactions and encourages meaningful connections.


Here’s to your perfect networking extravaganza!  

We hope these tips will help on your event planning journey. Meanwhile, if you need help finding your ideal event venue, check out our wide selection of event spaces for more venue inspirations. With We Are Spaces, you can browse from over 500 curated venues available for rent, filter spaces based on your specific requirements, and get quotes from multiple venues all from a single enquiryOr, hit us up for some personalised suggestions! 

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