The Photobooth: An Event Must-Have

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Ever since instant photo booths became a main stay at wedding and event receptions 2 years back, it has been an arms race among photography companies. Customers are constantly on the look out for better props, fancier backgrounds and faster prints. Since then, photobooths is sometimes an expected party starter for an event.

The service now comes in many shapes and forms. In this article, we examine the 3 different kinds of photobooths you can find in the market today.


1) The Modern Photobooth


Photo credits: Hello Stranger

Bright lights, plenty of funky props, a fancy background and lots of prints. That basically sums up a typical modern photobooth.

Some premium vendors like go the extra mile by allowing guests to retrieve their photos online and providing customised props.


2) Instagram mania


Photo credits: Aww Snap

As though having loud backdrops and quirky props are not enough, throw in the power of hashtags! The next rave after the classic photobooth is a live Instagram-enabled photobooth. Give your event a short out with your guests tagging themselves to your event’s hashtag.

Not sure where to begin with? Our (very socialable) friends at Aww Snap! are at your service. Now go on, snap and tag away.


3) Go Slow-mo!


Photo credits: SG Media

Recently launched by, Slow Motion photobooth is the latest booth service to reach our shores. Cut loose with your guests with not photo prints but videos – in glorious slow motion.

Unlike photobooths, guests get to play with confetti, poppers and be kids again. It’s time to have fun without any judgement in front of the camera again!


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Gary Yeo is the Creative Director of SG Media, the official partner for events mangement and photography/videography services. Founded in 2006, SG Media offer a full suite of photography and videography solutions for both consumers and for the business communities.


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    Penelope Smith

    This is some really good information about photobooths at events. My little sister wants to have one at her wedding. It is good to know that it would be fun to have a fun background in the booth or have some good props for people to use.

  • Reply February 27, 2017

    Shasha Tony

    Fantastic Post! The Slow Motion Photo booth idea is out of the world. I’m also very much interested to rent photo booth in Singapore, for all my family function and parties to add more fun element. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post.

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    Singapore Social Media Photobooth

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    I’m having a wedding on the 6th Aug 2016. I’m interested in the Slow Mo package. What is the price like?

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    Hi, thanks for the tips. I’m finding it really difficult to find companies that rent out or provide oldschool photobooths in Singapore; so I was really excited when I came across your post. Unfortunately the link doesn’t work. I know this post was written in 2013, but was wondering if you have updated info on this company or know of any other companies that rent out oldschool style photobooths? My friend really loves this concept and I’m helping her to research it for her wedding. Hope you’ll be able to help!

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    Jenny Baker

    Hey nice click. I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing.

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