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Whether it is an exhibition, a product launch, a corporate function or a private party to be held, most event planners are usually so caught up with the planning process from day one till the day of the event. Who is going to sponsor my event? Which venue should I pick to host my event? What about catering? Will this emcee be able to hype up the atmosphere? What if it rains? Do I have a contingency plan?

Somewhere along the nitty and the gritty, most planners forget one of the most important things – to make the event fun for the attendees. Of course having the basics sorted out is essential in ensuring that things fall into place with no hiccups. But to go beyond the regular expectations and spring surprises, big or small, on your guests – now that is another level of event planning.

We’re not even talking about the big, extravagant, and fancy setups because not every company has a sum of money set aside with the intention of sweeping their guests off their feet. Having said that, there remains a handful of ways through which you could spice up your event, and make it more memorable than it already is.

Here are a few we can think of. And rest assured, the list does not include parachutes, live endangered animals, or Mardi Gras stilt-walkers parading through your event throwing glitter in the air.

1) Food truck

Let Us Crowdfund The Singapore Food Scene

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There is a certain kind of unexplainable excitement when it comes to mobile food and beverages. I suspect it is a type deeply-seated joy from our childhood – as with milo trucks at the school’s sports day and the ice cream van pulling over on a sweltering hot day.

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The idea of meals on wheels is really not all that big in Singapore than it is in other countries. But come to think of it, that’s what makes it so refreshing isn’t it? Currently in our city, we have the Kerbside Gourmet found at the National Museum of Singapore and The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels), a revamped old –school truck with an affordable menu. The best news for you event planners? They are available for private hire.

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Pastas, salads, and burgers on-the-go. Sounds like a great way to feed your guests with a punch of novelty, or attract the curious (and hungry) ones from afar.

2) Performers

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Let’s face it. Humans are visual creatures. That’s the reason why crowds gather around hip-hop dances and acrobatic acts on Orchard road, and the same we can’t keep our eyes off the ginormous LCD advertising panel when the city bus passes by Suntec Convention Centre. If your event can make use of this particular soft spot in people…then it’s going to be quite a winner!

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It could be a street magician mingling with the crowd, ready to do his trick with a deck of cards. It could be a clown cum balloon sculptor amusing children and adults alike with his clumsy acts. Or even a half-funny, half-annoying mime that spends 5 minutes unlocking a gazillion imaginary doors. People like to be entertained. So instead of just shoving your marketing collaterals in their face, play on getting their interest first. I mean if you want to stuff them with pamphlets and brochures of your product…at least make them laugh first right?

3) Pop-up services/activities

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If there is one thing I can be sure of, it would be that we, city people, LOVE multitasking. Being able to get several things done at the same time and place greatly appeals to us, and we often derive great satisfaction from having a ‘productive day’.

This is exactly why we are proposing for your event to offer pop-up services! There has been a growing trend of pop-up stores in Singapore along Orchard Road especially, and it would be helpful to note that they are highly loved and popular among Singaporeans. Of course, with our tightly packed schedules and fast paced lives, spotting a salon before you during lunchtime is like an overdue reminder that your tresses are growing out.

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Of course, it would be more feasible and practical for the services you offer to be fuss-free and express enough for different people to experience it so that you can cater to a larger audience size. Also keep in mind that while pop-up services have great potential in spicing up your event, keep it relevant and do not overdo it to the extent where it shadows everything else!

For example, at a beauty product launch, ladies are bound to be delighted to see an express manicure/pedicure station in the midst of the event. Likewise, the same smiles, except twice as bright, can be seen on men’s faces when a video game console appears out of nowhere.

4) Photo-Booth

This is an Instagram generation. A photography app revolutionizing social media which youngsters seem to share an infinite love for. This is apparent from the way they speak app language “likes”, “tags”, “check-in”, “filter” and so on. With our digital devices and appstores that churns out innovations every day, there are plenty of photo editing and sharing apps in the market.

Clearly, gone are the days of developing film at the studio, or decorating pictures on a screen with stickers and fonts at the neo-print machine (Japanese-inspired photobooth machines that produce stickers)

Which is why, if you could recreate the excitement of seeing a glossy/matt photo freshly printed out from the machine, you’d find the way into many event goers’ hearts! Furthermore, these photos also make great keepsakes for your guests to create a lasting memory.

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Believe us, a photo-booth at your event premise is the most versatile installation. Be it a wedding event, a birthday party, a corporate dinner & dance or a product launch, just having it there with or without props is sufficient to generate lots of buzz and excitement among your guests.


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