How to Organize a Themed Party

organize themed party

Organizing a theme party is all about fun, laughter, and good times. With flair and imagination, feel free to let your inner child express itself, and dress yourself up in your favorite character costume!

Theme parties are awesome for many reasons and they are suitable for grownups and kids alike. So if you are planning a retro party, or are going with a superhero theme, here are 5 quick tips you must know to pull it off in style.

Step 1 – Select The Theme

Choosing the right theme is important. You need to understand your audience, how sporting they are and if they would be keen to dress to the theme in the first place. Timing the theme to a particular season would also be a great idea. Having a party in October for example is a perfect excuse to turn your event into a Halloween or Oktoberfest party.

Step 2 – Source Your Venue

Choosing the right venue is absolutely key to adding a flavour of authenticity to your event. Having a pirate theme party? Try getting a venue by the bay. A venue like One Degree 15 would be perfect. Trying to pull off a safari theme? Try getting a restaurant in a park or somewhere with lots of lush greenery like Gillman Barracks. Getting the right venue might actually help you to save costs as well as it sets the stage for the event on its own and you do not need to do that much to dress it up

Step 3 – Communicate The Theme to Your Participants

People must be sporting and dress up to your theme. But as an organiser, you must help them by properly communicating the theme and the expectation for everyone to embrace the theme. Send out emails or invitations early and be very clear about what they should be dressed in. Communicating to different departments in advanced about best dress contests would help. Also try to hook up with a few costume shops on behalf of your participants and tell them where they can get their costumes.

Step 4 – Select and Plan Your Menu

Thematic food at your party will be a nice touch. Pulling off a retro party with psychedelic cocktails or serving tacos at a Mexican party would be amazing. It is all about the little things that tie your theme together.

Step 5 – Decorate

Last but not least, it all comes down to décor. Start planning early and always have budget in mind. Décor does not need to cost an arm or a leg. Little toy guys on every table and cowboy hat confetti for a Western style party is awesome. But if you are planning something a lot larger and you are looking for bigger ticket items like ice sculptures, big props, a cool stage etc, it might be good to start planning early, get a few quotes, and see how it fits your budget. A good event organiser might also come in handy.

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