Reclaiming our spaces! (Home Edition)

In our opening post, we strongly emphasised the space crunch problem in Singapore. Yes, we really feel for it because it is a problem right in our face!

Let me illustrate the lack of living space for an average citizen in Singapore. 


Rush hour crowd in the train station

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Each morning as we commute to our workplaces, we experience less than 1 square metre of space to manoeuvre on the public transport. Shoulder-to-shoulder, face-to-face, ass-to-ass, bosom-to-bosom… You got our point.


Typical work space in an office

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At work, a typical cubicle or desk space for an average worker stands at 4 square metres. A four times improvement from the morning sardine-packed commuting experience. That’s a teeny weeny bit less claustrophobic thank you.


Living space in a HDB flat

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Back at a HDB home, we unlock the door to perhaps about another four-folds improvement in activity space – an approximate 15 square metres of living space per person in the HDB flat. But you know what, I hit the wall every five to ten steps I take.

But hey, take a step back and snap out of this complain cycle. Do something! We have 3 simple reminders for you to cope with this lack of space.

1)     Make organization a habit

Organization boxes - courtesy of IKEA

Organization boxes – courtesy of IKEA

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Even cavemen use woods or stones to cordon off an area for storage purposes. Put some organisation to your areas by using boxes or baskets to store the small items. Hang up your bags, clothes, keys, etc. Pick up the books, papers, folders lying around and shelf them. You don’t have to wait for that end of year spring-cleaning season to pack and organise your items. Keep things neat can be as easy as putting items back to that box, basket, shelf or hanger each time after use. These random items lying around clutter the space, and more often than not frustrate one.

2)    Don’t be a hoarder.


Welcome to the Hoarder’s room

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You don’t need as much stuff as you think. We are a consumerist society and our rate of purchase is faster than the rate of spoilage for most items. We want variety, like new things but do not have real needs to most of the items. Focus on the essentials; give away that item you don’t need to someone who has a more frequent use.

3) Think vertical in storage


Overhead storage shelves

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Looking high and low for storage space? Look no farther! We often forget that above our heads and at our feet lie some of the most underutilized spaces with storage potential. Make your furniture and furnishings functional to serve this purpose, like overhead storage shelves or under-floor lift-up spaces. Just make sure your stash in these places are not things that you will need to use often.

It is our passion to help you discover underutilised spaces around you. De-clutter your work and living space today to “reclaim” more spaces in your life.

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