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Gone are the days where we can hope to connect with people through creating a maze out of billboards and stuffing event booklets in their face. There has never been an era where event design is more imperative than it is today. You may have brilliant content, but does your ‘hardware’ match up to that quality?

Today’s article is all about designing the perfect event experience. We ask Melvin Er, Managing Director of Lovorth Events and Media for his advice.

Lovorth is an events company that does projects of both corporate and social nature. Just to name two, Unsung Heroes and Painted Ladies are events you may have heard of. Founded by genuine people and fueled by tenacity, this is not your ordinary events company.


1. To start things off, kindly share with us an introduction about Lovorth and the people behind the brand.

Lovorth is the brainchild of Brenda, Eileen and myself. It was born out of a desire for creation; to set up something meaningful. That was how Lovorth, a combination of the words Love and Worth, came about.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky


2. What is the objective of an event?

It is important to have a think about what is the purpose of the event or the aspect that you are designing. Is it a booth, hospitality lounge, or even an activity area? If it is a separate component, does it gel in with the rest of the setup? It is important for all sections of an event to be coherent.


3. What do you want your guests to walk away feeling?

It is important to create stimulating environment that no one can walk away from feeling indifferent. It is key to bear in mind the sort of experience you wish to provide for your guests. If you were one of them, how would you benefit from your own event design?


4. What can you bring to the table that adds value an event experience?

In the competitive world of marketing today, it is not the people who meet expectations that win. It’s the people who go on to exceed them and delight others, to provide more than what is reasonably expected by the regular event participant. If you can make your clients or guests go wow, then you must have already won them over.


5. Can you share with us one specific event on how being thoughtful with the event experience helped clinch an event? 

There is no one size fits all solution to designing an event. Once, we designed a hospitality lounge for a client and the constraint was the position of the lounge was in a very inconspicuous location. We used massive projections to elevate the height of the space and branded the tall ceilings with their identity. Once guests came in, instead of a traditional booth and counter, they got a total experience that speaks of chic, luxury, premium and when the guests were served bespoke customized cocktails, that sealed the deal.


6. Of course, an answer like that would prompt the following question: Where do you get your inspirations from?

Movies inspire me. I especially love Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge, and anything from that era. Apart from that, inspiration really comes from everywhere and anywhere, if only you would unlock your mind and let it run wild. If you think within a locked mental space, you would never go far. The mind is a vessel, and whatever you see everyday is being processed and stored as ‘raw materials’ and ideas.

Every company wants to connect with the audience so that they may take the next course of action – to sign up, to purchase, or simply walk away feeling the exact emotion that an event organizer had hoped to evoke through design. We hope you have enjoyed these food for thought through the eyes of Lovorth.


7. What would you do differently the next time you design your event?

It is always about the experience because you can design it. At the end of the day, the possibilities are infinite. – Melvin

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