6 Dinner & Dance Concepts To Please Your Guests

At the beginning of the month, we put together a list of 10 Unique Dinner & Dance Venues in Singapore for you so you need not digitally comb the little red dot for a place. Now let us help you with the next step of the party planning – conceptualization of a theme!

What theme?!“, we hear some of you question cluelessly, like we had just reminded you of an assignment you had completely forgotten about. Well, every party got to have a theme! When you are hosting an event, you  want to make sure that your guests are as excited about it as you are. You want to engage them and make the function entertaining enough to bond co-workers and memorable enough to leave an impression. Unless of course, you want it to be just another Dinner & Dance that staff are obliged to attend.

You may think that conceptualizing a theme is a hassle. But in actual fact, it could very well smoothen the entire party planning process by setting a direction for the nitty and the gritty so you don’t have your hands full of decisions to make and options to pick.

So if your company’s D&D in the previous year was meh, here are some ideas to help you thrash mediocre with incredible!

1. Movie / Character Inspired

Pixar ‘Cars’ themed cake corner

Image Credit: hostingessence.com

Star Wars Themed Reception

Image Credit: amandaparkerandfamily.blogspot.com

Harry Potter themed party

Image Credit: www.rocknrollbride.com

The Great Gatsby Ballroom Scene

Image Credit: www.newyorker.com

At the top of our heads, we all have a handful of all-time favorite films. Needless to say, it is not difficult to think of our favorite movie character! Having a movie-themed Dinner and Dance party is a great way to hype your guests up for the event. Knowing that they have to hunt for a costume and dress up (or risk looking completely out of place) will generate plenty of conversations by the pantry. Whether is it a superhero out of a Marvel story, a cartoon character out of a Pixar movie or a mafia boss out of a 60s film, we are sure everyone will be so excited that the emcee is going to have a hard time getting their attention. Here’s a tip to encourage your colleagues to step up their game and be bolder with their costumes: reward the Best Dressed participant with a travel voucher or a Starbucks card, depending on your budget.

2. Travelling back in time

Retro themed ballroom

Image Credit: blisseventinspiration.blogspot.com

Victorian-themed ballroom

Image Credit: www.thehindu.com

Medieval themed function

Image Credit: www.eventsolutionsmalta.com

There is something about a theme that dates back to a point in time where most of us never had the opportunity to experience in this lifetime. In fact, there is little wonder why these concepts are so highly popular with events, be it a 21st birthday party or a school graduation prom!

Feel free to plan your party on whichever checkpoint on the timeline of history you please. If you’d like your party to be classic and stylish at the same time, go for a Vintage or Victorian Era theme and watch your guests work the flounce and frills. If you fancy something funky and groovy, a retro-themed bash is the perfect excuse for the ladies to bring out the loud colors and the platforms. To be fair, all male colleagues are welcomed to backcomb their hair a la Elvis Presley for that one evening.

3. Occupation 

Event participants dressed for their dream jobs

Image Credit: ymlp.com

Having the theme “Occupation” may not be the top idea on the list for a corporate D&D , but if it’s a good outlet for everyone to express themselves, have some good laughs at each other’s attire all in the name of fun…why not? It’ll be a pleasant surprise to see your fellow coworkers dress for their dream jobs in magician/mime cloaks, doctor robes, or flight attendant uniforms. For just one night, everyone can moonlight!

4. Hollywood / Glam / Red Carpet / Masquerade

Hollywood themed decor

Image Credit: hippojoy.wordpress.com

Red Carpet Glamor

Image Credit: topyaps.com

Image Credit: www.mazelmoments.com

Indeed, Hollywood is out of reach for most of us, we have conceded to that fact. We can’t have our dainty hand prints and autographs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but surely we can don the gowns and the tuxedos and play the part well! Ever had that worry about being overdressed for an event or a function? Are those stilettos too much of a statement? Is that dress too overloaded with sequins? It is a Hollywood/Oscar themed Dinner & Dance, your concerns are invalid.  So bring out the blitz and the glitz, keep calm and look right ahead- the camera loves you.

5. Back to School

Old school table layout for dinner

Image Credit: www.inside-outside.co.uk

Event participants clad in their former uniforms

Image Credit: www.phuketemagazine.com

We hope your guests are nostalgic people who still have their high school uniforms stashed somewhere in the corners of their wardrobe. If they do, they are definitely going to be elated to hear that they don’t have to splurge another $100 or so on a new dress for Dinner & Dance this year! The ‘Back To School’ theme is a breath of fresh air. Easily explored through activities like skits, quizzes and games, the programs are going to be entertaining on all levels. Furthermore, it’ll be a night of surprise discoveries – your colleagues from the same school, fellow university alumni, or the fact that the joker of the office was previously a prefect.

6. Colors 

Black and white dinner setting

Image Credit: http://www.saltresort.com

Monochrome chic

Image Credit: http://www.bizbash.com

Neon themed dinner setting

Image Credit: www.karaspartyideas.com

If all the above ideas are too much work for you, if you are working within a limited time frame or if your superiors are not for the idea of anything noisy, we still have something for you! Color themes work almost effortlessly. While the classic Black & White is a lovely contrast, you could always opt for a night of neon lights that makes for beautiful event photographs. If your organization is a female working environment, we’ll bet that a pastel theme would be most delightful to them.

You could go to great lengths to align all aspects of the party with the concept in mind- ranging from decor, invites, dress code, menu, programs… the list goes on. But of course, you would require the suitable venue to host your themed party so that the tone is set right from the moment your coworkers enter the premise.

What dinner and dance theme have you experienced before that was your absolute favorite? Share it with us in the comments below. Regardless of theme, with the hundreds of venues listed with us, we are sure you can score the perfect venue for any theme of choice at We Are Spaces. 

 Featured Image Credit: http://www.apollo-ec.co.uk


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