Top 10 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

top 21st birthday party venues singapore

A 21st birthday occasion is always special – a celebration of your coming-of-age, the once-in-a-lifetime party you will be throwing as a adult. Needless to say, a milestone event like your 21st birthday party has got to be nothing less than awesome for both your guests and yourself.

A huge part of the awesome-ness of a party, of course, lies in having a better-than-awesome venue to hold it at. With so many great venues spread out all over Singapore, though, it’s hard to know for sure which are the best party venues in Singapore – let alone one that caters specifically to you.

That’s what we’re here for. 🙂

So whether you are looking for a venue for your own birthday or a dear one’s surprise party; we present to you our list of the Top 10 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore for this special day!

1. Food For Thought



To sum the establishment up in 6 words, Food For Thought is very simply just Good Food For A Good Cause. But they also make good party places! With its 3 outlets accessibly located at Singapore Botanic Gardens, National Museum and 8 Queen Street, the restaurant decor is kitschy along with black and white quotes and sketches splashed all over the walls.

If you are going to have little cousins over at your 21st party, we’ll suggest the Botanic Gardens outlet for its outdoor playground that makes the venue a family-friendly one by keeping the little ones entertained. For some bloggers’ reviews of the place as an event venue, see here and here.

2. Loola’s


Run by the folks of Awfully Chocolate, Loola’s is the perfect 21st venue for a casual fine-dining affair especially if you are looking for an elegant 21st birthday party. It is located at the Esplanade with a view of both lush greenery and Marina Bay Sands. With a capacity of 97 pax standing/seated, the spacious venue is popular for both dining and parties.

3. Tanjong Beach Club



If you love being out in the sun, sea, and sand, and if it is a beach party you fancy, you can’t possibly go wrong with the Tanjong Beach Club. With a restaurant, pool, and a bar – your guests will be more than happy to arrive early to soak up some sun in their swimsuits! Whether shade or shine is your preference, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice at this venue – the dining room, restaurant bar, poolside daybeds, pool lounge area, cabana and the sun deck are all inviting indoor and outdoor venues to hold your 21st birthday party in style.

4. Penny Black


The Penny Black, a Victorian London pub by Boat Quay is surely a venue that is effortlessly unique even without much additional decor. Equipped with their in-house event organizers and coordinators, you can definitely have peace of mind and enjoy your 21st birthday party arrangements without having to fuss over the tiny details. Furthermore, the venue’s installation of a private dining area will corner off your party, making it more cosy and personal.

5. PS Cafe


Palais Renaissance, more fondly known as PS. Cafe, is anything but your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cafe by the streets.  The decor and furnishing of the venue is largely made up of wooden touches and white markered words on clear glass, high ceilings and patterned floorings. If you would like your 21st party to have the “Fancy” factor, we highly recommend PS. Cafe for its stylish ambience.

6. Nosh

Nosh is another popular venue for parties due to the sheer variety of spaces it provides. While The Dining Room is a charming and elegant space equipped with a private bar for your lunch/dinner gathering, The Country Kitchen provides an entirely different ambience that is cosy and warm – mainly for small gatherings and intimate parties. Looking for an alfresco space instead? Fret not. The Greenhouse, being completely wet weather-proof, is set amidst lush green foliage to play host to large groups.

7. Selfish Gene Cafe

Are you and your friends cafe lovers? If your answer is yes, your 21st birthday party may as well be the quintessential cafe experience. Located in a shophouse along Craig Road, Selfish Gene Cafe fits the bill. With an unpretentious and simple chalk-and-blackboard concept, it would be an understatement to say that this cafe would make a venue comfortable enough to make you and your guests feel at home.

8. Spruce



Spruce is an ideal party venue with a combination of rustic touches, natural greenery and modern furniture. Housing both indoor and outdoor event spaces at both outlets, the furnishing and decor of the venue comes in the form of neat wooden tiles and red brick walls. With 2 outlets located at Phoenix Park and Fire Station, this party venue will certainly be a refreshing breath of fresh air for your guests!

9. With A Pinch Of Salt


It seems that most cafes today have decided to go monochrome, sticking with the black, white, and the wood. However, With A Pinch Of Salt offers something different altogether. With its child-like facade and interior made up of quirky fonts and pastel colors, having this cutesy venue host your 21st birthday party will give your guests a remembrance of childhood birthday parties!

10. The White Rabbit

How does celebrating your 21st in a restored chapel sounds? Outstanding, of course. The grand venue is separated into two areas – the main dining area being the charming interior of the chapel itself, and the rabbit hole (could the name be more apt?) as an outdoor bar complete with animal-themed topiary. If you have a Alice in Wonderland-esque theme in mind for your guests, there is absolutely no other venue more suitable for your 21st birthday party than The White Rabbit.

Now that you know of all these fantastic venues to host your 21st birthday, doesn’t a house party sound like the most cliche idea? Partying out is the new “in” thing. If you are looking for hotels for your 21st birthday party instead, we have a list of our top 5 picks in Singapore right here.


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